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Learning Aids based on the Kerala State Syllabus

Students India brings out learning aids for the students from Pre-primary level to Plus Two based on Kerala State Syllabus (SCERT). For classes from Pre-primary to 10, the journals are available both in Malayalam and English medium. The subscribers of these journals will be benefited in many aspects such as in enriching the standard of learning, developing social awareness and invariably achieving success in life.

Utmost care is applied while developing the learning material for these educational journals, in making the content extremely simple but precisely comprehensive. We have taken the pain to help every student, deprived of his/her standards, to grab the textual ideas by their own, without any external help. These journals include items like... Textual questions & answers, Exam-oriented questions & answers, Previous exam questions & answers, Higher order questions & answers for the A+ seekers and the like. Along with these there come trivia info, current affairs, quizzes, worksheets etc with each subject explanation.

Several handy columns are also come along. General knowledge, news and events, classic stories, famous fictions, counseling notes, motivational tips, travel experiences, stories of achievers, illustrated stories and so on are some among them.

Special issues will be published in exam times as well.

Kerala State

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