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Education is the fundamental right of the children in our country. But whether quality education is available to everybody, is a matter of debate. Students India is established with a vision to make quality education available to all the children irrespective of economic and social status.

Students India journals reach you with the best educational material that ensure the comprehensive development of children. We entered into the world of publishing in 2015, by bringing out learning materials for the students of classes 5 to 10. The students, teachers and parent community wholeheartedly accepted this unique learning experience.

In 2016 we started publishing educational journals for Plus Two and Plus One students. Along with this there came out the learning aids for CBSE class IX & X students. 2017 onward we publish learning aids for pre-primary to class 4. All these are available in Malayalam and English mediums.

The team of expert academics together with the state-of-the-art facilities at the content development center of Students India is behind the formation of these journals. We offer excellent service to the customers by combining efficient management and effective distribution system. 

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Learning Aids based on the Kerala State Syllabus

Students India brings out learning aids for the students from Pre-primary level to Plus Two based on Kerala State Syllabus (SCERT).  For classes from Pre-primary to 10, the journals are available both in Malayalam and English medium.  The subscribers of these journals will be benefited in many aspects such as in enriching the standard of learning, developing social awareness and invariably achieving success in life.

Utmost care is applied while developing the learning material for these educational journals, in making the content extremely simple but precisely comprehensive. We have taken the pain to help every student, deprived of his/her standards, to grab the textual ideas by their own, without any external help. These journals include items like... Textual questions & answers, Exam-oriented questions & answers, Previous exam questions & answers, Higher order questions & answers for the A+ seekers and the like. Along with these there come trivia info, current affairs, quizzes, worksheets etc with each subject explanation.

Several handy columns are also come along. General knowledge, news and events, classic stories, famous fictions, counseling notes, motivational tips, travel experiences, stories of achievers, illustrated stories and so on are some among them.

Special issues will be published in exam times as well.

Learning Aids based on the CBSE Syllabus

  • Students India Students Special
  • The Best Educational Journals for Classes IX & X CBSE students

Grab it today and be a winner!

The Students India Students Special educational journal is coming to you with simple but precisely comprehensive learning materials fro classes IX & X CBSE students. These are designed so as to make the process of learning enjoyable, active and dynamic. These encourage the spirit of curiosity, experimentation and analytical thinking skills in students.

The journal incorporates topics of English, Science, Social Science and Mathematics.

Each lesson starts with a precise but comprehensive lesson analysis.

All the textbook exercises are given with solutions and explanations.

Exam-oriented questions and answers based on each topic are included in plenty to make the learner aware of the exam pattern.

HOTS questions & answers also form part of the content.

Value based questions & answers included along with each topic give confidence to the learner to crack similar ones in the exams.

Selected questions and their answers from the previous years’ exams are given along with subject explanation, to get the learner acquainted with  the exam pattern.

We also provide solutions to NCERT Exemplar questions that include quality problems with varying cognitive levels to facilitate effective learning. Trivia given alongside add to the flavour.

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  • Take the annual subscription of Students India learning aids for many reasons.
  • Savings in Price. (While purchasing single copy you may have to pay a little more.)
  • Product reaches you without fail. (If you purchase single copy from shops and all, there may be a chance of missing some issues because of various reasons.)
  • Chance of winning special prizes. (If you take annual subscription within specified time periods, you may win attractive prizes.)
  • Protection from price hikes. (Annual subscribers will be exempted from any kind of price hikes that may occur during the academic year.)